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Andrew Wass Performance Intensive 23.02.2023-26.02.2023

Intensiv mit Andrew Wass

23. Feb - 26. Feb 2023, jeweils von 11 Uhr - 17 Uhr

Am Sonntag 26. Feb werden wir zusammen eine Studio Performance bieten, somit könnt ihr eure Zuschauer einladen. On Sunnday 26th of Feb we will end with a Studio Performance, please invite your guests to watch you dance :)

Kosten: 457.-- CHF , info

Exploration in the Intensive

I See Contact Improvisation

I Compose Contact Improvisation

Improvising Composition Contact Improvisation

Improvising Contact Compositional Improvisation



A binary indicates a spectrum. The binaries of awareness/action and improvisation/choreography indicate that we do and what we sense; what we decide and what we do in the moment are intertwined. Every movement in every moment of f the dance is carved out of the spatio-temporal kinetic potential afforded the dancers by their extant training and their aesthetic. In this performance project, we will combine the physical practices of Contact Improvisation with the performance theories of Ensemble Thinking and the Six Viewpoints to expand our action potential and sensory abilities, while simultaneously challenging our aesthetics.

We will use these practices and theories to physicalize our responses to several questions.


Are we improvising while in contact or using contact to improvise?

What is the border between solo movement and ensemble response? Ensemble movement and solo response?

Why/how does observation change our movement ? How/why does movement change our observation?

Workshop ends with a studio presentation/Performance of our work

Cost : 475.-- CHF info